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Egyptiorum Rex Eridanus - Eridani Fluviorum Regis in Ripam - Urbem Egiptio Tauro Cognominem Inaugurat -Septem Seculis Ante Romam conditam

Ancient Egyptian's king Eridano-On the bank of the river's king Eridano(Po)

Foundation of the Urbe (metropolis) with the name of the egyptian Bull

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Weight of ancient sources,  "common places" need to read again the sources
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Stemma Torino
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San Carlo's Square as it was
La Vera Storia di Torino Arte in Torino Porte Palatine
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The true history of Torino
with s
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Torino and the Art
"of Erasmo "
Palatine Doors"

Le recent excavations
to "Palatine Doors".
Villa Regina Villa Genero piazzasolferino aiuolaBalbo
Villa Genero Park

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