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...But won't you believe that these archaeological rests should be preserved?

You have to know that these ruins, hundreds years old, if not milleniums, are absolutely unuseful to the modern Torino. They are just like the old not catalized cars, pollutioning and ugly to see.

So, we have to modernize the town, next to receive Olimpiadi.

For the Commune(Major,municipal councillors, and Sovraintendence to Cultural Goods), its necessary to renew anything and expetially to destroy the old rubbish, the obsolete ruins, towers, pre roman, roman and post roman walls, in addiction to the medieval ones.

All DIRT to eliminate.

At the place of these very old ruins,we can put other new ruins to remember us the past(as souvenirs):so, modern walls in ancient style.Clean walls,aseptic,modern bricks in style,columns and what else to remember presumed roman villas never existed.

Destroied the old things we can make new subterranean parkings and urinals, and on the surface nice false roman statues (so, no matter if someone steals them). So, this way, we can have in Torino too the "Walt Disney"zones and the town becomes an italian Disneyland or"the Land of Toys". Surely, to complete the work of Porte Palatine, we will need some statues of SnowWhite and of the Seven Dwarves too, why not Mickey Mouse or Goofy dressed as ancient romans, and, who knows, an Asterix punching here and there between the roman walls (..if only it was to the right persons..).


Article from the newspaper La Stampa 23-03-2005.

Articolo Nuova Area

...a true intuition"illuminated or illuministic" that could come only to of doubious intellectual capacity and great ignorance people...unless much more venal interesses, or of political power may justify the complete destruction of the archaeological findings in town...

So,probably,in this site,you have seen enough,perhaps the journalists too have written a few lines more than their due,perhaps someone illuded himself...

Now, while I'm writing these pages, the bricks and the stones that have testified the ancient Torino, are already in some discharge mixed with other rubbles for the happiness of future Archaeologists...


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...Date 19 Aprile 2005

...of the parking the epoch...

Lavori di distruzione01

Digging 01.

Lavori di distruzione02

Digging 02.

Lavori di distruzione03

Digging 03.

Lavori di distruzione04

..and so, finally , we will be able to say that the ancient Torino was only a

"Village of Cabins" with no risk of refutation.